Saturday, September 10, 2005

Two Rafah Children Injured; 20-year-old Killed in Rafah Thursday

Mohammed just emailed that he spent several hours waiting fruitlessly at the Abu Holi checkpoint last night, hoping to get to his family in Rafah, but finally realized it was a wasted effort and went back to his office (and email) in Gaza City. "It's horrible here," he wrote.

He learned on the phone from his family that one their close neighbors, Basheer Soufi, 20, was killed on Thursday, while in an unrelated incident on the Salah-ah-Deen road, two children were injured by gunshots while playing.

The link below from the International Middle East Media Center gives more details.

Mohammed emailed that contrary to the Israeli account, his family told him Soufi was putting a Palestinian flag on the roof of the family home (3 doors down from Mohammed's family) when he was shot and killed. Mohammed ended his short note with: "I'm very sad to see all these things happening to us. I don’t know what to say more... but God rest him in peace."

Boring technical note: The software is sloooooowwwww now (as every Blogger in N. America is posting, I guess... got error messages when I tried to respond to some comments just now...) Mohammed also sent pictures from his stay last night at Abu Holi, which I'll get posted late tonight (when things always go faster and smoother


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